What Is Blow-Fill-Seal Three-In-One Aseptic Filling?

Blow filling (Fill) sealing (Seal) three-in-one process (abbreviated as BFS process) is an aseptic packaging process invented by the engineering OO Gerhard Hansen of the German Rommelag Group in the 1960s . This process enables the three operations of bottle making, filling and sealing to be completed in the same station under aseptic conditions. The BFS process is very simple, that is, through the high temperature and high pressure extrusion process, the plastic is made sterile; then the production, filling and sealing process of the container is completed at the same station. This is the basic principle that the BFS process can achieve aseptic filling.

  • Extrusion And Molding
    The injection molding machine squeezes the extruded/hot-melted (170~230℃, 35 MPa) plastic tube into the opened mold, closes the main mold, and the heated cutter cuts the tube blank while sealing the tube and the container. . The mandrel unit is lowered to the neck of the container, and the bottle is blown with clean compressed air (the small container is formed by vacuuming).
  • Filling
    Through the mandrel unit, the product to be filled is poured into the container through a precise metering system (time pressure quantitative method), and a Luer port is formed at the same time.
  • Seal Once The Mold Opens
    When the mandrel unit is withdrawn, the head mold is closed and sealed by vacuum extraction. After sealing, the mold is opened, and the finished container is transported out of the equipment. The equipment starts the next production cycle, repeats in turn, and runs in cycles