BFS Technology

Aseptic Packaging Process----BFS Technology

The biggest advantages of Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology is to prevent external pollution-human interference, environmental pollution, material pollution. This aseptic packaging process is an automatic process mode which the container is formed, filled, and sealed in one continuous, automated system.

As a mature aseptic filling process which meets GMP in various countries, it is a development trend in the aseptic production field. BFS has long been used in liquid pharmaceutical applications, including small containers, such as ophthalmic and respiratory drug ampoules, as well as larger volume containers, such as saline or dextrose solutions. More recently, BFS technology has been expanding into injectables and into biologics, including vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.


Replacement Of Conventional Packaging Style

Glass packaging

  • Higher material transportation costs and warehouse area to buy or make by another production line
  • At least two layers of packaging and high transportation awareness to prevent glass breakages
  • Creates negative pressure in the ampoule when produced with flame that push surrounding contaminations into bottle when opened


  • BFS machines make their own containers under aseptic conditions
  • Low production cost and decrease excessive packaging with shatter-proof plastic containers
  • BFS machines seal without flame and leave an twist off end for easy injection without contamination risks


  • Heavy and long linked lines requires Higher production base and larger purification area
  • Production links with multiple machines that demands more operator from bottle input to final product
  • High quality risks of liquid defects like PH value & effectiveness during high temperature sterilization process


  • Saves infrastructure investment since BFS equipment occupies a small area
  • Process is integrated into only one machine with automatic system that will just requires 2 operators
  • BFS aseptic production environment eliminates sterilization needs when not necessary

Freeze Drying Process

  • Crystallizer must be added to the product and the product cannot be tested for insoluble particles
  • Need to be cleaned and sterilized with large amount of process water and energy before use
  • Process requires long working hours, low output, high energy consumption cause high operating cost


  • BFS creates aseptic filling environment that no additives needed
  • Starts from raw material that do not needs to be washed
  • Lower time and capital investment to complete all process on a single BFS machine

The Blow-Fill-Seal Process

The container is blow, fill,seal with the product, and securely sealed – all in a single process. Watch the video to learn about all the advantages.

Why Choose BFS?

A Machine Comes From Your Needs:

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