Blow Fill Seal System For Eyedrop Production Line

Project Profile:
Client: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (China)
Raw Material: PE
Filling Mold: Customized 0.5ml mold with 1ml latch

Project Description:
The project was built and designed by VSUN located in Tianjin, China as the customer expanding their annual production capacity and upgrade their production strategy. The client received full training during FAT period and praised our technology support, production management and service. Although with the upcoming new year holiday and travel control, our team showed our professionalism and performed SAT in our customer’s factory for more than 10 days. Both our team and Otsuka celebrated for the success of this important project. Otsuka is a Japanese enterprise and has very high standards. It marks a milestone for VSUN to receive world-class level recognition from Otsuka.

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