BFS New Technology Effectively Reduces Insoluble Particulate Pollution

Insoluble particles are closely related to the water for injection, drugs and additives used in the production process, and packaging materials in the infusion bag. At present, the packaging materials of infusion products in China are mainly divided into glass bottles, soft bags and BFS PP bottles. Since the packaging containers and fluid filling infusion products need to be carried out on different equipment or stations, they are often easily contaminated by insoluble particles and bacteria. The BFS technology can complete the three processes of bottle blowing & forming, filling and sealing in the same aseptic and airtight station, it can minimize the possibility of product contamination by people and the environment. In addition, the packaging material of BFS technology is single, so it is compatible with various drugs.

BFS technology is one of the world's highest standard aseptic production processes originating from developed countries in Europe and the United States. BFS technology features include sealed production, highly integrated automation, and low pollution probability, so it can be better for control of small particle size (≥5um) insoluble particles." The application of BFS technology will help drive the overall IV infusion industry Industrial upgrading, and its high-quality and high-safety features will help improve the quality of IV infusions and further ensure the safety of infusions.