Wound Irrigation

Wound care products is a sterile solution used to flush open wounds or cavities. According to the different drug site, it can be divided into open wound washing agent and cavity washing agent. The washing fluid has the functions of lubrication, isolation, debridement, antibacterial and promoting the wound tissue repair. Sodium bicarbonate nasal rinse, hydrogen peroxide root canal rinse, metronidazole rinse, etc. Notes: 1. The washing agent should be an isosmosis aseptic solution;2. Use it immediately after opening, and do not save or reuse it after opening;3. The cavity flush liquid should be heated to body temperature before use;4. Unless otherwise specified, flushing agents should be tightly sealed and stored, Our BFS machine can packing the wound care products in one machine, it can be reducing pollution opportunities, our machine filling range from 1 to 1000ml per bottle.

Wound Irrigation


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