Beauty Drinks

Beauty Drinks is a sterile or semi-sterile oral liquid preparation based on traditional Chinese medicine decoction, which is made by extracting the active components of drugs, adding additional agents such as flavor correction agent and bacteriostatic agent, and according to the infusion and sealing treatment process of injection ampoule, so it is also called oral ampoule product. It is a new preparation combining three dosage forms of decoction, syrup and injection. Such as Shengjiangyin oral liquid, Sini Soup oral liquid, ginseng antler bee royal jelly oral liquid, etc. It is characterized by small dosage, good taste, fast absorption, rapid effect, easy to be accepted by patients. Production requirements.Our machine filling range from 1 to 500ml per bottle.

  • A reasonable technological process should be selected to extract most of the active ingredients from Chinese medicinal materials to ensure the curative effect
  • In order to prevent the deterioration of the liquid caused by microbial contamination and growth, it should be produced according to the injection process to reach the semi-sterile or sterile state
  • The liquid should be basically clear, and pay attention to the color, aroma, taste
  • The added flavor correction agent and other additional agents should not affect the efficacy of the main drug and be harmless to human body


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